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I have a table dynamically created using knockout js as below:

My problem is to dynamically assign an id for the newly created columns. I need to iterate over the last column.

    <tr data-bind="foreach: activeColumns">
        <th data-bind="text: display"></th>
    <tbody id="sortable" data-bind="foreach: rows">
        <tr data-bind="foreach: $root.activeColumns">
            <td id="uniquename">
                <span  data-bind="visible: readonly, text: $parent[property]"></span>
                <input data-bind="visible: !readonly, value: $parent[property]"/>
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You don't need to iterate through tr elements for selecting the last one, you can use :last selector or last method:

$('#sortable tr').last(); // last tr element  
$('#sortable td').last(); // last td element

In case that you want to change attributes of last tr's td elements, you can use each method:

$('#sortable tr').last().children().each(function(index){
   // $(this).attr('id', 'wildguess' + index)

Or attr method:

$('#sortable tr').last().children().attr('id', function(index){
   return 'wildguess' + ++index // unique IDs bases on the index

My problem is to dynamically assign an id for the newly created columns.

However best solution is generating unique IDs at first.

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thank you very much,I want to change id of all tr's last td elements can you suggest something –  ravikant Dec 26 '12 at 13:46

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