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It's quite early and so I'm probably missing something apparent here but I'd like to ask the community for some quick help. When you visit the demo page and hover over the slider, you'll see that the next and previous buttons appear as they should. Though the images have a "fold" effect on the left & right side and I'm trying to figure out why they're not showing.

I've toyed around with the z-index but can't figure it out. May someone please help with what should be a quick fix?


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Could you please describe in a bit more detail how is this 'fold' effect supposed to behave? Do you mean the transition effect when images change from one to another? If this is the case, I believe you should modify this line fx: 'simpleFade' and put another effect name there. – Mike Johnson Dec 26 '12 at 13:35
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You have set overflow : hidden on your

<div class="pix_diapo diapostarted">

Since your folds are outside of the containing element, it hides it.
Just remove it, and it will work.

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