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Can anyone give me a piece of advice about using bluetooth in libgdx games on Android? My problem is that the whole code is in MyGame project and in MyGame-Android there is only MainActivity class that starts the game on Android.

I can get bluetooth to work in normal Android application but MyGame libgdx project can't see classes that are in MyGame-Android project.

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If you want to use non-multiplatform code in libgdx, you should create an interface on the agnostic project (MyGame), and implement it on the native project (MyGame-Android). Then, on the native project create the implementor object and pass it to the MyGame instance. The interface will hold all the methods that you said are not accessible (a tip: try to can encapsulate the most you can regarding the bluetooth management and expose only methods relevant to your game, so you don't have to create a huge interface).

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Yes, that worked well. Thank you. – AlgoRhymes Dec 27 '12 at 0:52

In case anyone else finds there way here on their journey to create Bluetooth-able apps. I think the best starting place is the Android Developer guide to get a firm grasp and understanding of Bluetooth on its own - Create a working application with what they have there

After that, using the method above, you can implement the code. A working example is but I recommend understanding the Bluetooth first, it makes debugging much much easier.

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