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I want reverse a string of characters from a file using sed. However, I want the expression do not reverse the numbers and special characters.

For example, consider the following input:

112358 is a fibonacci sequence...
a test line
124816 1392781
final line...

My expected output is :

112358 si a iccanobif ecneuqes...
a tset enil
124816 1392781
lanif enil... 

I have tried it in several ways, but i could not find the exact expression for that. I have tried the following expression but it has reversed the entire string:

sed '/\n/!G;s/\([.]\)\(.*\n\)/&\2\1/;//D;s/.//'
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What should happen if the input contains a string which contains digits, eg this5string? –  William Pursell Dec 26 '12 at 13:50
Is this a homework, because someone else asked the same question here. –  jfgagne Dec 26 '12 at 15:50

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This sed script will do the job:


# Put a \n in front of the line and goto begin.

# Marker for the loop.

# If after \n is a lower case sequence, copy its last char before \n and loop.

# If after \n is not a lower case sequence, copy it before \n and loop.

# Here, no more chars after \n, simply remove it before printing the new line.
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I would use Perl for this. The code is much more readable:

perl -pe 's/\b([A-Za-z]+)\b/reverse($1)/ge' file


112358 si a iccanobif ecneuqes...
a tset enil
124816 1392781
lanif enil...
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