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I have this stored procedure

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[usp_mySP]
    -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here
    -- For inventory table check.
    @DealerID       VARCHAR(50),
    @Certified      VARCHAR(50) = NULL,
    -- For fuel value.
    @CityFeatureValue   VARCHAR(50),
    @HwyFeatureValue    VARCHAR(50)

        SELECT  InventoryID, 
        FROM    Inventory
        WHERE   DealerID = @DealerID
                AND Deleted     =   'False'
                AND (IsPending  =   '0'         OR IsPending    IS NULL) 
                --AND (Certified    =   @Certified  OR @Certified   IS NULL)

                AND VIN IN
                            SELECT      VIN 
                            FROM        FuelPerformance
                            WHERE       (
                                            FeatureTitle = 'Fuel Economy (City)' 
                                            AND FeatureValue = @CityFeatureValue
                                            FeatureTitle = 'Fuel Economy (Hwy)' 
                                            AND FeatureValue = @HwyFeatureValue
                            GROUP BY    VIN
                            HAVING      COUNT(VIN) > 1

I am calling it like :

EXEC usp_ListOfVehiclesOnFuelCondition_ForSingleDealer
   '09f5245d' , '', '18', '28'

When I am commenting the line

 AND (Certified = @Certified OR @Certified IS NULL)

it is giving the result, but when this line is there the result is blank.

Any suggestion where I am doing wrong?

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You are passing in an empty string (''). That is very different from NULL.

Pass in the parameters as named parameters (without @Certified), or test for an empty string, or pass in a NULL.

Named parameters:

EXEC usp_ListOfVehiclesOnFuelCondition_ForSingleDealer @DealerId = '09f5245d',
                                                       @CityFeatureValue = '18', 
                                                       @HwyFeatureValue = '28'

Passing a NULL:

EXEC usp_ListOfVehiclesOnFuelCondition_ForSingleDealer '09f5245d', 

Checking for '':

AND (Certified = @Certified OR @Certified IS NULL OR @Certified = '')
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Thanks..Makes sense..missed silly thing..Just wondering how the same thing is working for other SPs.. – James Dec 26 '12 at 14:06
@James - Are all the optional parameters last in the list for the other SPs? Do the other SPs have guard clauses for empty strings? – Oded Dec 26 '12 at 14:28

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