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First, sorry for my bad english.

The problem is I can not upload a file (.xls) file on a local FTP server.

This is the Exception :

[org.apache.camel.component.file.GenericFileOperationFailedException - Error writing file GAS_EAV_EMV.xls]

This is my route :

<route id="sendFtp">
    <from uri="direct:sendFtp"/>
    <setHeader headerName="CamelFileName">
    <process ref="egssisFtpProcessor"/>
    <to uri="ftp://foo@"/>

Here my Processor to attach the file :

public class EgssisFtpProcessor implements Processor {

    public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {
        String filename = exchange.getIn().getHeader(Exchange.FILE_NAME, String.class);
        exchange.getIn().addAttachment(filename, new DataHandler(new FileDataSource(filename)));

The exchange object has the attachment at the end of the processor.

It works with the SMTP protocol but not with FTP.

Any idea ?

Server log :

[14:29:29] - [78] Connecté à Collecte du Nom d'utilisateur.
[14:29:29] - [78] Usager FOO Connecté IP:
[14:29:29] - [78] FOO : Répertoire en Cours: C:\tmp\
[14:29:29] - [78] Client Déconnecté (00:00:00 Min)
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Attachements is not used. Instead just set the message body to a java.io.File for the file you want to upload.

exchange.getIn().setBody(new File(filename));

And since you use XML you may want to do this without any java code. You can use the message translator EIP to convert the message body to a java.io.File with the header as the file name.

    <simple resultType="java.io.File">${header.CamelFileName}</simple>
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Thanks you ! It works –  kinaesthesia Dec 28 '12 at 8:18

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