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I would like to send email from Codeigniter mail class, with attachment img and img in mail body.

$this->email->from('', 'Email');



$this->email->message('<img src="??????" />');  


Img was send in attachment but not in body mail. Any help?

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Here's how you do it... You need to specify the attachment as "inline", then use the image in the body.

$this->email->attach('pic.png', 'inline');
$this->email->message('<img src="cid:pic.png"/>');
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You are attaching image, instead linking it in HTML message. Try to put fully qualified image link inside image src attribute.

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The defeats the whole purpose in attaching the file! – phpisuber01 Dec 26 '12 at 14:28
Yes, but with this purpose almost any email client will view image (with some restrictions of course). – Artem L Dec 26 '12 at 14:43

To send an image in the body of the email, create a html file and put that as a message.

$message = $this->load->view('view_file_name','',TRUE);

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