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I would like to test my search method but how to test to_indexed_json results.

Here is my test:

describe Search do
  before do
    app = create :app, name: "Marketing", id: 76
    @question1 = create :question, content: "Some super question?", app: app
    @question2 = create :question, content: "Some extra question?", app: app

  describe "#results" do
    it "returns matched results" do"Some", \[76\]).results.should == \[@question1, @question2\]

And this is error which I receive:

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First, you're not really testing to_indexed_json in the posted code -- you're testing some expectations about search results. That's fine, and actually more reasonable thing to do :), but still a different thing.

Second, in integration tests, be sure to call the Tire::Index#refresh after you index test data, so they are immediately available to search -- the default delay is 1 second.

Third, you're creating some test models in your code, and then expect these exact objects to be returned. To make Tire behave like this, use the :load => true option (to load the models from the database), or do not set expectations about object equivalence, but test eg. some property of your model (eg. content).

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