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I would like to make a news reader like the The New York Times for Android.

I parse a JSON file which conatains about 100 articles (title, content string, image url, ... etc.).

I would use ListFragment to show the list of the articles (title and image), and show the full content on a ViewPager so the reader can swipe across the articles.

So the Listfragment and the ViewPager would use the same article dataset.

What is the good practice to keep/store the downloaded articles?

I have some ideas:

  • Keep the articles in a static ArrayList? (save the json file for offline reading)
  • Create SQLite database and access with cursors? (Is it slow?)
  • Create database, and at application start load all articles into a static ArrayList?
  • Keep the ArrayList as a member variable of the Activity and passing the list to the fragments?

Thank you very much for your help! (sorry for my english)

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Create SQLite database, works enough fast. JSON file is also speed solution (depends how you will parse that file). Don't use static fields

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