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The case is when user click an add link, if the url already added, there will be a alert otherwise will display a form to add new bookmark. The code below works quite well for checking the duplicated url, but if the url is not duplicated I just don't know how to render a add bookmark (in this case the page will be loaded like a normal non ajax request)

This is the link in view

 <%= link_to "add", user_bookmark_add_path(current_user, bookmark), remote: true %>

The link will invoke the controller action add

# controllers/bookmarks_controller.rb
def add 
  @bookmark = Bookmark.find(params[:bookmark_id])
  respond_to do |format|

The javascript file

# views/bookmarks/add.js.erb
<% if duplicated_url? @bookmark.url %>
<% else %>
   # how to render the new bookmark form here
<% end %>

Any suggestion ? Thanks

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Create a partial for new bookmark form.


<%= form_for(bookmark) do |f| %>

  <%= f.text_field :name %>
  <%= f.submit "submit" %>

<% end %>

Add id to your link


 <%= link_to "add", user_bookmark_add_path(current_user, bookmark), remote: true, id: "bookmark" %>

Replace your link with partial.


<% if duplicated_url? @bookmark.url %>
<% else %>
   $("#bookmark").replaceWith("<%= j render "form", bookmark: %>");
<% end %>
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On your add.js.erb file, in the else part of the code you can append a partial to your list like this:

  "<%= escape_javascript(render('your_item_of_the_table_partial')) %>"

This partial can be a list item, a table row, a div with your content, anything. The thing is, you will need a chunk of html to be re-rendered on your screen with the new content.

Example of a list item partial:

# _bookmark_item.html.erb
<li><%= @bookmark.url %> </li>
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Try something like this:

$('#your_div_id').append('<%= escape_javascript(raw render :partial => 'your_form_partial') %>')

This will add the contents of your ruby partial to the DOM.

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