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On PostgreSQL 9.1 i can execute this two queries with out any errors, with correct result:

SELECT xpath('/a', '<a s:dd="11"><c>test</c></a>')
SELECT xpath('/a', '<a s:dd="11"><c>test</c></a>',ARRAY[ARRAY['s', 'http://example.com']])

On PostgreSQL 9.2 same queries throws error:

ERROR:  could not parse XML document
DETAIL:  line 1: Namespace prefix s for dd on a is not defined

Only this query works fine:

SELECT xpath('/a', '<a xmlns:s="ddd" s:dd="11"><c>test</c></a>')

How can i parse XML file, whth out modifying XML code?

Problems starts when i want to make xpath query for xml element, recived from previous query.

For example xml document:

 <some xmlns:my="somens">
          <b my:param="11" />

And i want to do something like this:

 elem = xpath('/a',doc);
 elem2= xpath('//b',elem[0]);

And second row throws error, becouse of unknown prefix my. Any ideas?

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did you try my suggestion? – Trygve Laugstøl Jan 5 '13 at 10:39

I fail to see the problem you're having other than PostgreSQL breaking features. In the first document

This is the expected behavior from a strict XML parser. The fact that PostgreSQL changed behavior is bad, but something we just have to deal with I guess.


SELECT xpath('/a', '<a s:dd="11"><c>test</c></a>')

fails because the s namespace is not declared in the XML document. This works:

# SELECT xpath('/a', '<a xmlns:s="http://example.com" s:dd="11"><c>..</c></a>');
 {"<a xmlns:s=\"http://example.com\" s:dd=\"11\">+
   <c>..</c>                                   +
(1 row)

What you're doing here:

SELECT xpath('/a', '<a xmlns:s="http://example.com" s:dd="11"><c>..</c></a>',
    ARRAY[ARRAY['s', 'http://example.com']]);

is to bind the s namespace to http://example.com enabling you to run xpath expressions in that namespace. Observe:

This is the original query but where the a tag is in the http://example.com namespace. Your query (/a) doesn't match any document as you're querying for a elements in the default namespace:

# SELECT xpath('/a', '<s:a xmlns:s="http://example.com" s:dd="11"><c>test</c></s:a>');
(1 row)

This however, selects the root element:

# SELECT xpath('/x:a', '<s:a xmlns:s="http://example.com" s:dd="11"><c>..</c></s:a>',
    ARRAY[ARRAY['x', 'http://example.com']]);
 {"<s:a xmlns:s=\"http://example.com\" s:dd=\"11\">+
   <c>test</c>                                     +
(1 row)

Notice how s and x are bound to the same namespace http://example.com. Using different namespace bindings is confusing, but I just wanted to show you how it works.

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Sory, it's holidays in russia, until 9th january. I'll try, when i'll return to office, and write a response here. – Yavanosta Jan 5 '13 at 10:53
Ah, no problem. Just wondering if was correct/helpful as I'm new to postgresql and xml myself. – Trygve Laugstøl Jan 5 '13 at 10:54

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