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I recall seeing a check box on android apps that, when crashing, will ask to send the device data with the crash report.

My app has produced a handful of java.lang.OutOfMemoryError on my customers devices, and I was wanting to see the model phone they are using to see if I can create an alternative for their below average hardware. Or if nothing else, disallow their model from being able to download the app.

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Unless it says on the report (because the device sent that data), the only other place is in the message the user sent with the error report.

If neither of those two places then you cannot determine it for now. However if you then know which bit of your code is causing the error you could wrap the code in a try catch and rethrow it with the device type. This would only benefit you you in the future and not for the current reports. Like this:

} catch (OutOfMemoryException e){
  throw new Exception("OutOfMemoryException model: " + Build.MODEL, e); // or rethrow another OoME
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