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I know that there are many questions regarding the color themes in Eclipse. The problem is that all of them are for Java or PyDev and, of course, they don't work for C/C++.

Do you have any cool syntax highlight theme for C++ under Eclipse?

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Consider the theme generator here: http://blog.edwards-research.com/2009/11/color-schemes-for-eclipse-cdt-4/

Its still in alpha release, so you may find bugs, but it is very nice to be able to design your own themes for CDT on the fly.

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A better solution is provided in this discussion: Color Themes for Eclipse?

Which points to the Eclipse Color Themes plugin, which is found here: http://eclipsecolorthemes.org/

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I tend to put all my color settings under "Basic" instead of C++, Java, Python, etc, so it's more or less the same no matter what project I'm working in.

I gave up on trying to install plugins (example, Juno). and instead was able to get Eclipse to use my window manager theme in a Linux environment.

  • Use KDE
  • in Eclipse, set the theme to "Default"`
  • change the KDE theme
  • control center --> Appearance/Theme -->(MS Windows & Platinum theme confirmed to work)
  • Restart Eclipse

Sometimes when I close Eclipse, it won't start up with the system theme. When this happens, I go back into Control Center and change the theme, which "fixes" Eclipse.

This isn't an ideal solution, but if you're not in sudoers (and for some reason Gnome isn't installed correctly) it does the trick to stop Eclipse from blinding you with it's awesome bright white backgrounds.

Read more here: http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/applications/478562-gtk-applications-having-serious-appearance-functionality-issues-kde.html

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