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With AFNetworking you usually enqueue operations by doing the following:

[_httpClient enqueueHTTPRequestOperation:operation];

Is there a way to serialize or save the queue so it can be resumed after App Termination?

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I think you'd have to go down the route of adhering to the NSCoding protocol. I can see that AFURLConnectionOperation already does so. –  shawnwall Dec 26 '12 at 17:51
Would like to see some sort of detailed example. –  Goles Dec 26 '12 at 19:04

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Actually if you look into AFURLConnectionOperation it implements NSCoding protocol, and .m file reflects that by implementing initWithCoder: and encodeWithCoder: methods

Although AFHTTPClient base class is NSCoding compliant too it doesn't serialize queue itself

But nothing stops you from leveraging existent codebase and extending encoding/decoding feature to serialize queue operations in you custom subclass of AFHTTPClient

Hope it makes sense!

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Note that AFHTTPRequestOperation pauses itself when you call encodeWithCoder:! This was a big gotcha for me when I was doing this... –  Ben Gotow Apr 29 '14 at 22:55
also, if you are targeting iOS7+ you might consider using NSURLSession-based AFNetworking implementation instead –  Sash Zats Apr 30 '14 at 6:27

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