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I have recently downloaded ghci, however when i try to compile my .hs file it says that IO module is in the hidden package haskell98- When i expose it using ghc-pkg expose haskell98-, it then had a problem with base and prelude saying that prelude is ambiguous.

How can i get around this so i can compile my program correctly? Thanks in advance.

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Can you show your .hs file and what's version of ghc/ghci? – 0xAX Dec 26 '12 at 17:16
See . Not sure if this is a duplicate of that question. – Ben Millwood Dec 26 '12 at 17:52
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If you are using ghc, you should use System.IO module, that is part of base package. Haskel-98 is... well, out of fashion now. If you want to stick with haskell-98 (this will make impossible to work with most existing libraries), you should expose haskell98 and hide base, as both base and haskell98 contain Prelude module, so compiler cannot guess which one to import, and it has to import Prelude some way because of standard.

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The right thing to do here (as permeakra pointed out), would be to use the System.IO module, which is done by placing

import System.IO

near the top of your file (under the module declaration (if you have one) but on top of everything else).

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