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In short, I'd like to provide a help window in a Vim plugin that can detect which shortcuts the user mapped to the plugin's commands in their .vimrc.

Is there a way to see which shortcuts a user may or may not have mapped to a plugin command?

(Note, I'm not looking for a way to see what command a specific shortcut will execute, which is an FAQ easily found).

For example, in a user's .vimrc, they can add a line such as:

map <leader>1 :MyCoolPluginCommand<cr>

And in my plugin interface I want to surface a quick help window that displays a cheetsheet such as

"Cool Command 1: <leader>1"

My only thought would be to try and parse their vimrc and use a complicated set of regular expressions to grab string values. Any better way? Thanks!

[edit] The plugin calls out to a python script, so I also tagged this question with python in the event that makes a solution possible. (Using import vim so I can eval() stuff).

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:map gives you a list of all mappings; it should be easier to parse than .vimrc.

Also it will show mappings coming from other places (eg system-wide or command-line).

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Gotcha, I'll parse it in python and that should work. Thanks! – Jared Cobb Dec 26 '12 at 17:35
you can use something like :redir @a | map and then "ap so you can paste the contents of :map in a regular file, which will make it easier for you to search the text you want. – skeept Dec 26 '12 at 20:37

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