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I'm building a website with a few volunteer developers located around the world. We're using a HostGator shared hosting plan, so we get cPanel, FTP, etc. but no on-server versioning.

For good development practices, it'd be nice to have a test version of the site available with a versioning system behind it. However, we're all on networks behind NATs, so even if we use a centralized versioning system (GitHub, etc.), we still have to pull changes down to a local server (ie. a 192.0.0.x private SQL/HTTP server) for testing between versions.

Are there any (free-preferred) systems available for versioned test sites? I've been avoiding VPS because of cost and maintenance complexity.

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Are there any (free-preferred) systems available for versioned test sites?


  • Test site is "site with production code, used in test environment"
  • Versioned site is the same object as "versioned code"

any SCM, which can be used for managing some code, can be used for this task. Web-development doesn't have any remarkable differences from any other software-development with VCS behind the scene: only build&deploy process have changes, because you

  • have to compile nothing in case of Web
  • must to deploy to some destination in order to run|test|use development's results

Create local test-environment (for every developer in team (?) separately), use any SCM (DVCS can be better and easier somehow, maybe) of choice and appropriate *-hooks of your SCM (or handwork) in order to deliver changed code from working space|repository to test site

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