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I'm using the script to open gVim in fullscreen downloaded from here:

I've also added this line to the startup settings:

:call libcallnr("gvimfullscreen.dll", "ToggleFullScreen", 0)

When running gVim with this setting, I get the following error:

Error detected while processing _virmc:
E364: Library call failed for "ToggleFullScreen()"

Is there anything else I need to do with the files from that script? If I need to compile it somehow, would like someone to guide me through that process as I'm fairly new to Vim. Thanks!

Edit: I'm running Windows 7

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I guess you mean ~/.vimrc or ~/.gvimrc by "startup settings". When that is executed, the GUI isn't initialized yet. Try delaying the execution with an autocmd:

:autocmd GUIEnter * call libcallnr("gvimfullscreen.dll", "ToggleFullScreen", 0)
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It doesn't seem to be working if you place that call line in your vimrc. It should be called after Vim has finished loading. I suggest using that mapping from the readme:

map <F11> <Esc>:call libcallnr("gvimfullscreen.dll", "ToggleFullScreen", 0)<CR>

It worked for me.

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I had the same problem when I was install this script through Vundle.
It's solved the problem:

Copy the DLL to the folder where GVIM.EXE is located.

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This isn't a direct answer, but after searching for a solution for quite a while, I've decided that the prettiest way to run Vim on Windows is via Cygwin, via the (bundled) mintty terminal. It has a genuine full screen and even transparencies!

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One of the problems of using vim in Cygwin is that it becomes excruciatingly slow once you install big plugins, such as YouCompleteMe, due to the fork+exec performance of cygwin. There is still much to gain from using gVim natively. – Interarticle Jul 14 at 15:06

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