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I'm creating a rails engine, which I have written some rake tasks in. My rake tasks call rake tasks in a 3rd-party gem, which I've included as a dependency in my gemspec.

When I try to run my rake tasks, it fails stating it cannot find the tasks from the 3rd party gem. Which makes senses considering Rake -T shows my tasks, but not the 3rd party's.

If I include the 3rd party gem in my application gemfile, everything is perfect, but I don't want to do this.

I'm guessing I need to add another include to my engine's rake_tasks do block, but no idea what to include. I've tried a variety of paths, but none seem to work.

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Sounds like your third party gem may not have a railtie set up. The rake tasks from gems aren't automatically included within a Rails application. Here are two good resources which help explain how to set up a Rail tie, from which you can probably base some code to manually include the third party gem's rake tasks:

including rake tasks in gems


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