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I have a WebSite project that builds successfully when running locally. I'm trying to setup Continuous Builds for this website in TFS (Visual Studio 2010) - when the build runs, it's failing with this error -

The virtual path '/abc/MasterPages/abc.master' maps to another application, which is not allowed.

Within my build agent, I'm not even trying to publish this to IIS - all I've configured it to do is to just run the build and copy the output to a specific folder.

Can anyone please let me know how I can get around this problem in TFS, as the same code runs successfully on all the developers' workstations?

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Do you have publish information set as part of the project? If so remove it. Publish step needs to be done another way as part of a tfs build

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Work around was to Prefix ~ in all relative URLs - for eg: '/abc/MasterPages/abc.master' will be '~/abc/MasterPages/abc.master'

That seemed to solve my problem.

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