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I retrieved the direct children using

var attrs = result.querySelectorAll("*");

But this doesn't properly parse children that have children themselves. They just have a string value containing their xml data.

Is there any clean way to retrieve ONLY the direct children that have no children themselves?

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You want all the nodes that dont have children? e.g. <Foo><Bar><Baz></Baz></Bar><Qux></Qux></Foo>, you only want qux, or you want Baz & Qux, or something else? –  Dominic Hopton Dec 26 '12 at 20:41
I only want nodes that only have string contents and no other children. –  Andre Eckardt Dec 26 '12 at 20:59
so baz, and qux, in my example? –  Dominic Hopton Dec 26 '12 at 23:33

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