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How can I print every second row as tab delimited second column like below. thanx in advance.




wex 2
cr_1.b 4
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Here's another option that doesn't depend on the length of lines:

awk '{ if (NR % 2 == 1) tmp=$0; else print tmp, $0; }' <filename>

If you really want a tab separator, use printf "%s\t%s\n",tmp,$0; instead.

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Assuming you have no blank lines in your input file, this should do the trick:

awk 'length(f) > 0 { print f $0; f = "" } length(f) == 0 { f = $0 }' file
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It is working fine but it is giving weird output when the name in 1st row is longer. For ex; wex-12233hhbhdhbx. Thanx – user1883491 Dec 26 '12 at 18:44

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