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I have a chain of responsibility between my objects that serve as a parser. Basically each class delegates to the next if it can parse the type of field provided. If an unrecognized field type exists and the entire chain is processed a manual exception is thrown and the chain is broken. Effectively its a circular process with the manual exception preventing an endless cycle from occurring.

Now when I set this up with Dependency Injection using my CDI container, I have a circular dependency error. The final part of the chain references the first class and this is where the problem occurs. So we have A->B->C->-D->A //exception breaks the chain.

The beans have pseudo scope @Dependency scope by default. Is there a way around this, I tried setter injection as this is a work around with Spring, but with the CDI container I cannot replicate this. I need the circular chain but cannot inject the values.

Is there a work around of some sort?


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Have you tried injecting Provider of A into D instead of injecting A

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