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in java when you want to do custom painting in a panel, you usually override the paint() function.

now i am looking for the corresponding function to override in a C# panel.

also i would be thankful for a short samplecode to do some painting. like draw a circle or something.

thanks a lot!

edit: ok thanks for your answers! i have an additional question on this: what is the preferred method to manually trigger a repaint? for example i want my red circle to be green suddenly. how do i make the call to OnPaint()?


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You override the OnPaint method. Here's a quick example of drawing a circle in C#:

protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs pe)
  Graphics gfx = pe.Graphics;
  using (Pen pen = new Pen(Color.Blue))
    gfx.DrawEllipse(pen, 10,10,10,10);
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Override the OnPaint method.

There's a simple example here, and searching for OnPaint tutorial C# gets lots of hits.

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