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I've been using tastypie for a few days and I must say it is amazing for CRUD operations. I've implemented validators to do some basic business validations but now I need to do something extra...

After creating a model I must do some logging, send an email and other extra stuff. So, from my perspective I'd like to have a service layer and being able to call a method after the model is persisted.

This should not go in the dehydrate method from my perspective... So, how can I add business processing in tastypie?

Besides that, I have another business unit where I must provide an API just for exposing an already created service that is no CRUD. It returns system data, but no Model is associated. Is tastypie suitable for this?


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Yes, you can use tastypie for any resource.

Here is the documentation of tastypie with non-orm resources:

And another example:

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