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I'm very new to github and I started using it a few weeks ago for my uni group project.

The problem that I'm having is: There is a remote repo on github where everyone in the group is using. I do have a local repo on my laptop, where I've worked my part of the project. I recently committed and synced the updates that I made to github using desktop app for mac. I got a few errors and the sync failed. After that when I looked at the files that I have locally, they got overwritten by the ones from the git(non-updated version) and all of my work are gone.

Can you please help me on what I should do to receive the files that I had locally? Is there any way that I can undo that last sync. I found a few suggestions online, but since I'm not sure which one to use, I don't really want to mess up the files anymore.


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"There is a remote repo on github where everyone in the group is using" and people the "group" cant help you with that? –  mpm Dec 26 '12 at 19:15

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(Nearly) All changes made to git repositories can be undo. We don't know the commands you entered but enter it at Google for a specific solution.

You proberly have to use something like:

$git rebase
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I just realized that I reverted the last commit with the updates(in the desktop app for mac). Would I be able to get my updates back, if I undo the revert? If so, shall I use 'reset' or 'checkout'(just what I found out from a little search on google)? Thanks –  user1930527 Dec 26 '12 at 19:22

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