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I have a game application released at the Facebook platform. I need to set the user status who played the game so that after the user playing the game and scoring high score, I need to set the status of the user to be showed in the home page of the user so his/her friends can share the action of playing the game with him/her and can challenge each other.

I am using an Iframe application using ASP.NET and C# language. I have used the Facebook service and called the code


and it reports an error saying:

Updating status requires the extended permission status_update

so how can I solve this problem? I need to do like other games, that after playing the game and achieving a noticable action in the game to be showed at the status of the user in the home page and be shared with his friends.

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You have to request an extended permission from the user in order to make use of a whole bunch of FB functionality - including setting the user status.

It's pretty easy to do, info can be found here:


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i have followed this link and found that i have to use : FB.Connect.streamPublish and the problem now where to put this method in the .cs file or on in the javascript ? i have tried it in the <script> section but nothing !! and what will intialize it to be pop up to the user to allow access and give permissions? can u help me please? i need real example that i can use it directly in asp,net application and thanks – Ahmy Sep 10 '09 at 11:51
In your javascript... something like: Facebook.showPermissionDialog('status_update',ondone); function ondone(){ document.location("Invite.aspx") } This would ask the user for status update permissions, then when they return from the dialogue, will redirect them to an invite page... Good luck fella – Paul Sep 10 '09 at 16:00

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