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I am trying to find a way to display the validation Error message right under the field being edited in a HTML Table in a fashion similar to ASP.NET(Validation Error) in MVC.

Any sample or link will be appreciated.

Here is what i have tried. It is not updating the error message immediately as I suppose it is not an observable.

<script id="editTmpl" type="text/html">
       <td><input data-bind="value: Country_Code "/>

            <div data-bind="if: $data.entityAspect.getValidationErrors().length>0">
             <pre data-bind="text:  $data.entityAspect.getValidationErrors('Country_Code')[0].errorMessage "></pre>

       <td><input data-bind="value: Country_Name"/></td>
        <td class="buttons">
            <a class="btn btn-success" data-bind="click: $root.save" href="#" title="save"><i class="icon-ok"></i></a>
            <a class="btn" data-bind="click: $root.cancel" href="#" title="cancel"><i class="icon-trash"></i></a>
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You are right that getValidationErrors is not a Knockout observable. It is simply a function that returns a collection of the entity's current Breeze validation errors.

But there is an event with which you can listen for changes to that collection. Where there is an event, there's a way to create a KO observable that you can bind. Here is one way to add such an observable to an entity.

function addhasValidationErrorsProperty(entity) {

     var prop = ko.observable(false);

     var onChange = function () {
         var hasError = entity.entityAspect.getValidationErrors().length > 0;        
         if (prop() === hasError) {
             // collection changed even though entity net error state is unchanged
             prop.valueHasMutated(); // force notification
         } else {
             prop(hasError); // change the value and notify

     onChange();             // check now ...
     entity.entityAspect // ... and when errors collection changes

     // observable property is wired up; now add it to the entity
     entity.hasValidationErrors = prop;

Then you should be able to write something like:

  <div data-bind="if: hasValidationErrors">
     <pre data-bind="text: $data.entityAspect.getValidationErrors('Country_Code')[0].errorMessage "></pre>

The addhasValidationErrorsProperty method is exercised within the "Trigger KO computed property with validationErrorsChanged" test in DocCode:validationTests.js

If you like it, you'll probably want to call it within an EntityType post-construction initializer as discussed here.

Extra Credit

I'm not fond of


I wish I could turn that into a function of every Breeze entity but Breeze entities don't have a base type.

You can extend the prototype of a specific Breeze entity type with such a function. Perhaps the best time to do so is while you are configuring that type with the hasValidationErrors property.

Suppose we were working with an Employee entity type. Somewhere early in the application bootstrapping we could write:

var store = manager.metatdataStore; // one way to get the MetadataStore

// a dummy employee constructor; maybe you have a real one
var employeeCtor = function() {};

// extend its prototype with the helper method
employeeCtor.prototype.getFirstValErrMsg = function (pname) {
        var errs = this.entityAspect.getValidationErrors(pname);
        return (errs.length) ? errs[0].errorMessage : "";

// register both the ctor and the initializer
       employeeCtor,                    // custom ctor 
       addhasValidationErrorsProperty); // initializer

Now you should be able to bind like so:

  <div data-bind="if: hasValidationErrors">
     <pre data-bind="text: $data.getFirstValErrMsg('Country_Code')"></pre>

I have tested pieces of this approach (e.g. the getFirstValErrMsg extension and the addhasValidationErrorsProperty method) but I haven't gotten around to the whole thing yet. Maybe you can take it the next step for us and report your findings.

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The "Trigger KO computed property with validationErrorsChanged" test of DocCode:validationTests.js hasn't been deployed yet. It will be "very soon" –  Ward Dec 29 '12 at 10:42
after Adding that ValidationError Message. i am running into problem when adding new Entity. Soon after the line, the entity is in Invalid state for Country_code Required, which is not the case var countryType = manager.metadataStore.getEntityType("Country"); // [1] var newCountry = countryType.createEntity(); // [2] newCountry.Country_Code("India"); manager.addEntity(newCountry); // [3] self.selectedItem(newCountry); self.list.push(newCountry); –  Naunihal Sidhu Jan 3 '13 at 1:48

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