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I encountered this problem when I was creating a new Android Application project in eclipse.

I was not allowed to go past the first screen of the new project wizard because of "A package name cannot start or end with a dot"

  • Application name: Lahari
  • Project name: Lahari App
  • Package name: com.example.lahari
  • Minimum required SDK: API8: Android 2.2(Froyo)
  • Target SDK: API16: Android 4.1(Jelly Bean)
  • Compile with: (No option to select)
  • theme: Holo Light

So I started googling around and tried a lot solutions from SO and other sites.

One of the associated problem (which I hadn't realized) was that Target Platforms list was empty, the last time I tried it had loaded fine but not anymore.

SDK Manager said platforms were installed and up to date. No updates were there for ADT, SDK Tools, or Eclipse.


In Eclipse, Windows > Tools > Preferences > Android the path was set properly but no targets would load.

My System configuration is:

  • Win 7 64 bit - all updates applied to date
  • Eclipse Juno SR1 (up to date)
  • ADT 21.0.0
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I tried all the solutions on the web. It took me a day's time to find the working solution.

So here's the solution:


Antivirus I'm using:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

This was the least expected of solutions, I know.

I chanced upon this while I was about to re-install SDK.

Update: This solution failed to work on another system. So this is what worked.

1) In eclipse, Go to windows->preferences->startup and shutdown->check android ADT

2) Restart eclipse

I used to disable all the things in startup and shutdown as this used to make eclipse much much faster. This never created a problem before.

However all is well again ^_^

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Enabling "windows->preferences->startup and shutdown->android development toolkit" really helps.

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