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What is the equivalent of the following PHP code done in javascript?

$img_path = "test.jpg"; // image located on my server
 $args = array(
'aid'       => $aid,       // album id
'caption'   => $img_caption,    // caption for image
'uid'       => $userid,   // facebook user id of the poster
'format'    => 'json'

$args[basename($img_path)] = '@' . realpath($img_path); 
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please be more specific , tell us what is this code?? for what purpose is it ?? why do you want to do using javascript ? –  Ahmed Kato Dec 26 '12 at 20:17

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Actually none, because there is no equivalent of realpath() in javascript. Realpath() needs access to the server's filesystem, whereas javascript is executed on the client side

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