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I am retrieving data:

$mydata = $this->ProductList->find('all', array('order' => 'rand()', 'conditions' => array('name' => 'we love')));

I have set up a HABTM relationship to the Product model. As you can see, I am fetching all products in the 'we love'-list. Now, I want those Products I am retrieving to be randomised. But they are not, instead the MySQL is randomised on the ProductList model as you can see in the SQL. Why is that? How can I get the random fetch on the Products instead?

Resulting MySQL query:

SELECT `ProductList`.`id`, `ProductList`.`name` FROM `database`.`product_lists` AS `ProductList` WHERE `name` = 'we love' ORDER BY rand() ASC

SELECT `Product`.`id`, `Product`.`category_id`, `Product`.`name`, `Product`.`price`, `Product`.`description`, `ProductListsProduct`.`product_list_id`, `ProductListsProduct`.`product_id` FROM `database`.`products` AS `Product` JOIN `database`.`product_lists_products` AS `ProductListsProduct` ON (`ProductListsProduct`.`product_list_id` = 3 AND `ProductListsProduct`.`product_id` = `Product`.`id`)
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There are so many different ways to approach this; to get a random product from a user's product list. You could do it with PHP - just find all of the products and then use rand() to pick on from the returned array. You could set a Model query condition. The list goes on...

I would probably create an alias to the Product model in ProductList called RandomProduct. You could set the query for the retrieved product when you set the relationship:

public $hasMany = array(
    'RandomProduct' => array(
        'className'     => 'Product',
        'foreignKey'    => 'product_list_id',
        'order'         => 'Rand()',
        'limit'         => '1',
        'dependent'     => true

You can then use the containable behavior so that this model is only retrieved when you need it. (You wouldn't need to do this if recursive finds are greater than -1, but I usually do that as best practice so that my models only query for the data that they need.) The following would return any ProductList called 'we love' and a "random" product associated with that list.

$mydata = $this->ProductList->find(
        'conditions' => array(
            'name' => 'we love'
        'contain' => array(
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Ok, but what is the syntax to replicate the condition I had before then? Your '...' is the important bit, but is omitted. – alieninlondon Dec 27 '12 at 15:07

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