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I'm a noob programmer on a project using OpenSuse 12.2 and I'm experiencing strange connection behavior for a simple bsd socket server program I've written. I'm pretty sure the problem has to do with network settings in Yast2, because the problem seems to go away when I turn on/off some settings. Hope someone can help guide me through this nebulous fog! :D

Basically, there's an old Windows NT client machine in a local network that attempts to connect and send packets to a few ports on a server machine, which is now being replaced and updated to a new machine running OpenSuse Linux. I have a simple server program using BSD sockets set up to listen on those ports. The client and server are connected to each other through an ethernet router.

I start up the server and it waits for connections... but when I start up the client machine and it tries to make a connection to the server, nothing changes in my server program (it should be accepting the connections and printing out all kinds of messages about all the messages it's receiving). Strangely enough, I can get the expected behavior if I change the following network settings on the server machine:

1) Leave the client and server running

2) Open up Yast2

3) Go to Network Settings, click to Edit the relevant ethernet card

4) Under General tab change Activate Device setting from "At Boot Time" to "On Cable Connection"

5) Accept changes, exit Yast2.

6) Go through all the above steps again, except reset Activate Device back to "At Boot Time"

7) Accept changes, exit Yast2.

8) Suddenly the server program accepts the connection from the client and starts printing out messages! :O

I'm glad to see the server code working fine, but I'm perplexed by the network connection behavior. I think maybe that changing/resetting the settings is somehow forcing the system to recognize incoming connections, or updating some configuration on the relevant ethernet card, but I really don't know.

I'm completely new to OpenSuse Linux and don't have any experience configuring network settings. Does anyone know what could be causing this, or have any ideas on what I can do to figure out why it isn't simply connecting, and why fiddling with the network settings gets it going? My aim at the moment is to get a smooth connection, without having to constantly set/reset network settings on the server machine to get it going. Thanks!

Update 1: @selbie: I would post the server code, but I think that might get me in trouble with my work. Like I said before, though, it's an extremely basic bsd socket server. I basically build the sockets for three ports, set each of these sockets to listen, add them to an FD_SET, and then loop infinitely, making the select call to see if any port is ready to be read from, and then looping through all the file descriptors in the returned fd set to see whether a new connection needs to be accepted (in which case a new socket for communication is generated and added to the file descriptor set) or otherwise to recv() the bytes pending on already accepted sockets file descriptors. There are other things too (like a master and temporary fd set, and closing the sockets as necessary), but in any case I tested the server code with my own dummy client program (which connected properly without issue and sent simple messages at 2 second intervals), and feel pretty confident that it's working as it should under normal conditions. I really suspect the underlying issue here is in the Yast settings, unless you have some specific idea about something that may be occurring in the server code that could cause the strange connection behavior described above?

Update2: @ selbie: Well, I disabled the OpenSuse firewall in a bash terminal using the command "SuSEfirewall2 off"... and that fixed it! XD Thanks so much! I tried with the firewall turned on and I had the same problems as before, and as soon as I disabled the firewall the connection went through and started working. I'm guessing the firewall was ultimately causing the issues. I was wondering, then, should I just always turn the firewall off whenever the server code is running? Or, how should this kind of issue generally be handled in code?

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Show us your server socket code. Specifically, the parts where you create the listening socket, bind to a local port, and call accept(). –  selbie Dec 26 '12 at 20:41
Does your OpenSuse machine have some sort of firewall enabled? Try turning that off to eliminate any possibilities. –  selbie Dec 26 '12 at 20:42

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