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I have a page count to limit the number of times a logged out user can view profiles. If a user is logged out they are redirected to a sign-up page, this is right and should be what's happening but i'm getting the same thing happen when the user is logged in, how can i add an else statement or if statement to say only redirect to sign up page or only limit profile hits if not logged in?


!session_id() ? session_start() : null;


function verify_profile_visit_limit(){
    $free_profiles = array(99999,99998,99997,99996,99995,99994,99993);

    if(in_array($_GET["id"], $free_profiles)) return;

    if(! isset($_SESSION["page_access_count"])){
        $_SESSION["page_access_count"] = 1;


    if($_SESSION["page_access_count"] > 5){
        header("Location: limit.php");

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Have you got a boolean in the session to say if they are logged in/out? –  MrCode Dec 26 '12 at 20:40
Where is your "log the user in" code? –  Robbie Dec 26 '12 at 20:42
yes i have got boolean, but i basically need to change the script to say if not logged in do the code if logged in then ignore the code. –  John Simmons Dec 26 '12 at 21:14

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Just add an OR condition so you return if the user is logged in:

 if(in_array($_GET["id"], $free_profiles) || isset($_SESSION['loggedIn']) && $_SESSION['loggedIn']) return;

With that your function will return before running the limit check. Assuming you store a boolean (true/false) in $_SESSION['loggedIn'].

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