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I am new to SSIS and would like to know how to read multiple XLSX format files from a folder and enter them in a foreach loop so that they can insert into the database.

I was reviewing this examples:

But I would like to have more details about the foreach loop or if there is another way to upload data files to the database.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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Will the Excel Spreadsheets have the exact same format? The file names are irrelevant but the structure of the spreadsheet must be consistent if you have any hope of easily consuming Excel. –  billinkc Dec 26 '12 at 20:37
SSIS will read both .xls and .xlsx in a loop, provided that the format of both is the same (meaning the columns don't change). Based on the question, it also seems you want to read Excel files from other folders? This would be done with the connection string - so you could clone what you have if those locations will always hold Excel files. –  Kprof Dec 27 '12 at 11:43

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If i understood this correctly,you want to know how to work with Foreach loop

In the foreach loop select enumeration as foreach file enumerator,folder as the folder where the xlsx files exist and in files set it to *.xlsx that way it will pick all xlsx files in the folder then in variable mappings assign the value to a variable lets say varloaction, go to expression on the excel configuration manager and use the varloaction variable to build connection string.

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