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just started a simple drawing tool in Flex to get used to the graphics coding in Flex. Got a problem in the beginning itself.

Here I am using Border Container as a drawing area (Flex 4) instead of Canvas and I am drawing simple dot on Mousemove event. Yep very simple basic thing. But I don't see the drawn dots in the border container area. But I see the Mouse Event getting fired. No Idea what am missing.

Below is my code,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

        import mx.containers.Canvas;
        import mx.skins.Border;

        import spark.components.BorderContainer;

        protected function init():void
            var whiteboard:BorderContainer = new BorderContainer();
            whiteboard.width = 1000;
            whiteboard.height = 600;                


        protected function  whiteboard_mouseMoveHandler(event:MouseEvent):void

            var graph:Graphics =
                          (event.currentTarget as BorderContainer).graphics;                    


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The BorderContainer is most likely not expecting you to draw on it's graphics object. I haven't looked at the code for BorderContainer lately, but I recall someone else having a similar problem.

Since a BorderContainer draws a border around it's contents, it's most likely using it's graphicsobject to draw that border. So you shouldn't try to use the graphics property of the border container to draw on.

Instead, add a UIComponent or some other Flex object to the border container, and then draw your graphics on that object.

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Use a skin and draw in the skin. That's the whole behaviour/skin separation is for.

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