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I tried svm with 4 features. I used Libsvm for training classifier then I want to draw decision boundries. I tried to draw in 2D space in matlab for 1 vs 3 (One vs One) and the 2D features were columns 1 and 3 of Iris data but it drew the wrong decision boundry. What is wrong? What should I do?

coef1v3 = [model.sv_coef(1:7,2); model.sv_coef(27:45,1)];
SVs1v3 = [model.SVs(1:7,:); model.SVs(27:45,:)];
w1v3 = SVs1v3'*coef1v3;
xp=linspace(min (data(:,1)),max (data(:,1)));
plot(xp , yp1);
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Nothing is wrong. just try dimension 1 and 3.No need to try every dimension.I did it and got true response.

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