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I have a question regarding Dreamweaver CS6's implementation of responsive design. If i were to use the default media query settings (phone=480px wide, tablet=768px wide, and desktop=1232px wide), what will happen when viewing the site on a retina ipad?

The retina ipad has a width of 1536px, but it's a tablet. Will the site built with CS6's Fluid Grid show up using desktop site media query?

My question also applies to the Droid DNA. It has a width of 1080px, but it's a phone. Will the site built with CS6's Fluid Grid show up as a tablet site on the Droid DNA?

Does Dreamweaver take all of this into account? I know that there is a way to use pixel ratios as parts of a media queries, but will that be needed for a site made with CS6's fluid grid layout?

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You have to remember that pixel is not an absolute unit. It's relative like percent, em, rem... So the retina display has a higher dpi (dots per inch) value but should be recognized as tablet since Apple knows this too.

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Ok. Thank you. That's what I was hoping for. – Nick Passaro Dec 26 '12 at 22:02
@NickPassaro I am not an iPad owner, so I can't provide more detailed information about it... Remember to choose an answer... – Max Dec 26 '12 at 22:04

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