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I'm trying to load the Journal Font but for whatever strange reason it won't load.

@font-face {  
  font-family: Brandon Grotesque;  
  src: url(/addons/shared_addons/themes/axium/fonts/brandon-grotesque.ttf) format("truetype");

@font-face {  
  font-family: Journal;  
  src: url(/addons/shared_addons/themes/axium/fonts/journal.ttf) format("ttf");

body {
  font-family: Journal;

Brandon Grotesque works but Journal doesnt

I downloaded it from:

Any help?

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The format identifier at the end is wrong:


It should be format("truetype"), like Brandon Grotesque.

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first of all, change ttf to truetype:

src: url(/addons/shared_addons/themes/axium/fonts/brandon-grotesque.ttf) format("truetype");

then, make sure its in the right place by checking developer tools (f12 in chrome) enter image description here

whats more, you have to know that not every browser supports ttf format, you can check it out here:

also, you need to know that fonts render differently in windows, macos/linux, and font might not look as appealing in chrome under windows as it does in macos/linux

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