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Is there a way I can execute my vbscript code directly from my address bar? I am looking for something similar to what we have for JavaScript.

On a side note, isn't running vbscript from browser a major security risk, as it has more privileges while running than JavaScript?

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Pretty much the same way as Javascript it just doesn't work very well: vbscript:replace(document.body.innerhtml,"Address Bar","sandwich")

Essentially this navigates to a page that has source equivalent to the returned value of the function call.

Any attempt I've made to do a command that has no return result has caused an error on the page...

As for your side note, not really. The browser limits what scripts can do. For instance, you can automatically create objects using VBS via CreateObject("whatever"), but if run from a browser you will be prompted to allow Active-X controls. (You can do the same thing with Javascript)

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