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Trying to extend the FPDF class in PHP with the following code:

class Reports extends FPDF{

        var $reporttitle = 'TEST';

        function settitle($titlename){      
            $this->$reporttitle = $titlename;
        function header(){

I instantiate the class with the variable $pdf and attempt to call the method:

    $pdf = new Reports('L','in','Letter');  
    $pdf-> settitle('Daily General Ledger');

I get an internal 500 error....debugging tells me that $reporttitle is an empty property. Can anyone provide me with some insight on how to set variable fields in an extended class? Thanks you.

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Don't use the dollar sign to prefix class properties:

            $this->reporttitle = $titlename;

PHP evaluates your $reporttitle first because you used the dollar sign, so you essentially were doing:

$this-> = $titlename;
//     ^ nothing

To deomonstrate, if you first delcared $reporttitle = 'reporttitle', it would work.

Also it's worth noting that your variable is not private, it's public because you used the PHP4 var syntax:

var $reporttitle = 'TEST';

If you want a private variable then use the PHP5 access keyword. Remember that private variables are not accessible to derived classes so if you have a class that extends Reports then reporttitle won't be accessible.

private $reporttitle = 'TEST';
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I originally had it set as private - I was fooling arounf with the code, trying to figure out the error. I have set it back to private. Thanks, MrCode! – user1532602 Dec 26 '12 at 23:13
@user1532602 No problem :) – MrCode Dec 26 '12 at 23:19
$this->$reporttitle = $titlename;

should be:

$this->reporttitle = $titlename;
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Thanks paulgrav! – user1532602 Dec 26 '12 at 23:16

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