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So I have two JSliders each of which invokes the stateChanged() method and I want to figure out which of the sliders invokes it.

In Objective-C, I used to use the tag property to differentiate which is which. Is there such an equivalent in Java ?

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I'm no Java guy, but I believe setName() and getName() could be used for this. Perhaps double-check that these aren't used internally.


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Tags are not normally used when determining the source component. You could use ChangeEvent.getSource() derived from the EventObject

public void stateChanged(ChangeEvent event) {
   JSlider source = (JSlider)event.getSource();
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yep i already use "(JSlider)event.getSource();" to get the callee of method of the stateChanged method, however what i want is to know which Slider ( 'A' or 'B' ) called it and deal with each differently. Hope I made sense :) –  Sami Farhat Dec 26 '12 at 22:48

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