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So I want to access the individual bytes of the UTF-8 encoding of a string.

I tried using Data.ByteString.Char8.pack, but that seems to just truncate it to the last byte of each character:

ghci> Char8.pack "\945\946\947" 

This isn't a problem if I can read the string from a file:

ghci> Prelude.writeFile "temp.txt" "\945\946\947" >> Char8.readFile "temp.txt"

But I'd like a pure way to convert String -> ByteString without truncation, and hoogle isn't very helpful.

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I remembered reading something about hayoo including more packages in its search than hoogle, so I tried your search there, and it gave me the right answer as the second result: –  Boris Dec 27 '12 at 14:38

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You can use Data.ByteString.UTF8.fromString:

ghci> import Data.ByteString.UTF8 as BSUTF8
ghci> :t BSUTF8.fromString
BSUTF8.fromString :: String -> ByteString
ghci> BSUTF8.fromString "\945\946\947"

Alternatively, you can use encode{Strict,Lazy}ByteString from the encoding package, which offers a lot more encodings than just UTF-8:

ghci> import Data.Encoding as E
ghci> import Data.Encoding.UTF8
ghci> E.encodeStrictByteString UTF8 "\945\946\947"
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