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I have the following question. I need to combine 1 video (.Flv) to an image (png or jpg) generating a new video (.Flv) and then combine it with another video (.Flv). The flow should be as follows:

First, combine a video image where the video should play normally until the last second and then the image should appear.

Second, combining the resulting video with another video.

I tried to do the first step with the following command:

ffmpeg-i-loop_input movie_1.flv picture.png-i-acodec copy-shortest movie_output.flv

But the result is that the image is displayed over video.

Then try connecting 2 flv videos with the following command:

ffmpeg-i-i movie_2.flv output_final.flv movie_output.flv

But only shows 1 video in "output_final.flv".

Can you tell me I'm doing wrong in my command?

Thank you.

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