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I have one database with three columns named, mobile_no. I want to display mobile no as tooltip in dropdownlist items. Dropdownlist item showing name. Tooltip showing mobile number which is in database so fetch from database.

How it is?

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which platform, which language?!? – Wael Dalloul Sep 10 '09 at 11:36

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Since you talk about a dropdownlist, I'm assuming this is ASP.NET. Here's how:

Private Sub loadDropDown  
    Dim personDataTable As DataTable
    Dim personDataRow As DataRow
    Dim personListItem As ListItem

    ' Data access stuff to get data from DB goes here

    For Each personDataRow In personDataTable.Rows
        personListItem = New ListItem
        With personListItem
            .Text = personDataRow.Item("Name").ToString
            .Value = personDataRow.Item("Id").ToString
            .Attributes.Add("title", personDataRow.Item("mobile_no").ToString)
        End With
End Sub
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