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I found the solution to run an executable file (.bat or .exe) from a local html page in Firefox - it is documented very well here

However, I need to start the executable in the folder where it is located. My executable is a .bat file (D:\Test\file.bat) and it contains the command: echo %cd%

When I run it, it prints:


instead of printing


Is there any way to specify in the htm/javascript where exactly (in which directory) to start my executable?


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You could try to change Firefox's environment to use a different directory for CD with nsIEnvironment. If you set the environment variable CD to the directory of the app you're launching, I would think the app would inherit it and it'll take precedence over the virtual %CD%.… – indiv Dec 27 '12 at 0:35
If you're always launching batch files, you can just have your batch file change the current directory. Start the batch file with pushd "%~dp0" and end it with popd. – indiv Dec 27 '12 at 0:37
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So you want to make the working directory set to the directory where your batch script is? If this is the case then just add this line right in the beginning of your batch script:

pushd "%~dp0"

You can also read the commandline help for the for command. It explains the parameter replacement well.

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