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I just installed ahven, but if I compile a testprogram with Ahven.Framework, I always get a compiler error:

file "ahven.ads" not found

My files for ahven are just here:


how can I tell gnat where to search?

Edit: I'm using gnatmake on Linux, without any project file.

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What OS are you using? Which version of the OS, GNAT, Ahven? Are you using a GNAT Project (.gpr) file? –  Simon Wright Dec 27 '12 at 7:59

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There's an ahven.gpr file, which should take care of the dependencies. Find where that file was placed, and then either add a reference to it in your project's .gpr file, or if you're using the gps IDE, right-click on the project name, select Project/Dependencies, and then do "Add From File".

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Assuming you are using gnatmake and a unix/linux based system, You need to add a path to your gnatmake command. To look up how to do this type gnatmake and look for the -I option in the help screen that follows. Im not sure which one of your dirs would be appropriate to include. That should be found in your ahven documentation.

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