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I'm trying to figure out a Ruby on Rails routing issue. Here's the relevant portion of the routes.rb file:

resources :clients do
  resources :campaigns do
    resources :targets do
      member do
        post 'send'

rake routes includes this:

send_client_campaign_target POST   /clients/:client_id/campaigns/:campaign_id/targets/:id/send(.:format) targets#send

However, a POST to /clients/1/campaigns/1/targets/30/send returns the following error:

ArgumentError in TargetsController#send

wrong number of arguments (2 for 0)

The error page shows the parameters as:


Any idea what's wrong? Am I right that this is a routing issue? The send method exists in the targets controller, but it's an empty stub method and is still generating this issue.


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Object#send is defined in Ruby and is called frequently in Rails framework. It's a bad idea to override this method. You need to choose another name.

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This was exactly what was happening. I didn't realize that I was overriding a method instead of just defining an action. Thanks! –  Sean Malone Dec 27 '12 at 0:29

Accept params, it just an argument error. You are not taking any argument in #send action.

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