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I'm getting an error :

"Error in if (colnames(tm.class)[j] == "fixed") tm.final[i, j] = 0 :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed"

all I tried to do was a simple snk.test(lm(values ~ factor1*factor2)), and the estimates function keeps returning this error. I'm not sure what tm. class is, but I have no idea why the column names seem to be NA for whatever the estimates function is testing. I'm a beginner at R and don't really know how to debug a prewritten function.

OK EDIT: I have my data in a text file, it looks like this

variable | factor1 | factor2
x1 | f1 | f2
x2 | f12 | f22
etc. (all values are just decimals).

All i did was read.table from the file, then call snk.test(lm(variable ~ factor1*factor2, data=data)) and get the aforementioned error message.

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How do you expect us to be able to help if all you offer is an error message? –  BondedDust Dec 27 '12 at 1:35
uhh i added some more information. Not sure exactly what one would look for in this case –  Milo Hou Dec 27 '12 at 3:13

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If you are using an estimation operation that involves only two factors then you should FIRST look at the real data-layout. You didn't include enough code to know what the name of the dataframe was and I surely do hope you didn't make the colossal error of using attach:

 with( datafrm , table( fac1, fact2) )

My guess is that you will find one or more tables where it makes no sense to estimate whatever snk.test might be testing.

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