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Ok the problem is, I want to receive mathematical functions. And I won't know how many until the program runs.

When it runs i ask for an n number of functions i am going to receive and it starts saving them from the input.

So far I have this

function test()  
n = input('number of equations?');  
v = [1:n]  
%in an ideal world, this ^ here would allow me to put a string in each position but  
% they are not the same type and I understand that.. but how can I build a vector for saving my                functions  
%I want a vector where I can put strings in each position that is what I need   
for i=1:n  
x = input('what is the function?','s');  
%this would be my vector already changed with a function in each position.  
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When you want to store strings of different lengths, use cell arrays:

v = cell(1,n);
for i=1:n   
    v{i} = input('what is the function?','s'); #% note the curly braces

To use these as functions, use str2func:

for i=1:n
    fh{i} = str2func(v{i});

fh is now a cell array containing handles to the functions defined by the user-input strings.

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thank you so much! –  user1907948 Dec 27 '12 at 2:43

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