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I have a text with multiple lines but at the end I want to add the phrase "more..." if the user press the more... word than the system it suppose to display the rest of the paragraph.

How can I do that?

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stackoverflow.com/questions/12141853/… this link will help you out. – user1929482 Dec 27 '12 at 4:17

one way is: use a UILabel to display a short text put a UIButton under that with "show more" make settings to button to look like a UILabel catch the action of the button, and remove the button and display a multines text and change the size of the UILabel.

This isn't the right approach for novice programmers, I hope I have helped with an idea.

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You could use a UITextView that contains the limited text and add a UITapGestureRecognizer that when tapped, removes the gesture and adds text to the textview.

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There is no particularly easy way, built-in way to do it. If you want to implement it yourself, your best bet is to use a UITextView instead of a UILabel. UITextView conforms to the UITextInput protocol, so when you detect a tap on the text view, you can use closestPositionToPoint: and related messages to figure out which part of the string was tapped.

Instead of doing it yourself, you could use TTTAttributedLabel or OHAttributedLabel. Both of these have built-in support for detecting taps on links. I haven't used either, so I can't advise you on which is better. There are probably other free solutions available, but those were easy to find.

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